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ADAES Limoges

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webdesign projet meuzac


Space association

The ADAES (Association for the Discovery of Atmospheric and Space) was founded in March 1994. It aims to introduce the public to astronomy in Limoges (France) and its region.

L'ADAES en voyage d'astronomie

Visual identity


The goal was to represent the values of the institution in the rebranding of ADAES. So I decide to use Bold and UpperCase typographie to represent the serious side of this institution, and the glow of a planet inside mixed with a rocket wich strocke the “A” letter. And I finally added the base line “Astronomy for everyone”.

Logo ADAES limoges


and simplicity

I did a choice for many illustration coupled with many interactions in a simple and clean design.

Maquette accueil meuzac

Responsive design

Suitable for all types of media be it smartphone, tablet and PC. And for any type of use and by any condition.

The result

The design of this website was my in accord with the values of this association, with a lot of interaction, originality and simplicity. Here you can see the result of the previous website on the left and the new website on the right.

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